Saturday June 8th

Show Opens at 9:00am


Birding in the Boundary Waters – presented by Sue Plankis

For five years Sue has led extraordinary canoe camping birding seminars in the Boundary Waters. This will be an early morning walking field trip in search of the many breeding species of birds native to the Boundary Waters. Her keen ear, uncanny spotting ability and knowledge of bird habitats will lift a curtain for participants to the bird world of the Boundary Waters. If possible, participants should bring binoculars. limited to 12 adults.


Canoe Camping Basics-Mike Bartz:



Arrowhead Journey – Erik Simula

Erik will share a unique story of paddling his birch bark canoe around the Minnesota Arrowhead on a 1,000-mile, four-month solo voyage with his dog Kitigan in 2009. Experience wilderness adventure at its finest – through tales of courage and enlightenment, dialogue, and beautiful photography of Lake Superior, the Savanna Portage, the Bigfork River, and the Voyageurs Highway. The Arrowhead Journey has come to represent humanity’s quest for knowledge, need for nature, realization of ecosystem collapse, and responsibility for stewardship. The Arrowhead Journey birch bark canoe is on permanent display in Bearskin Lodge.


Paddle Songs- Jerry Vandiver

A singer/songwriter from Nashville, Jerry has songs recorded by Tim McGraw and The Oak Ridge Boys to name a few. He has song credits on over 15 million records and paddling credits on countless rivers and streams in North America. He'll be talking about how his BWCA experiences have inspired his songwriting and performing those inspirations for a new and unique BWCA Expo experience.



Learn how to easily waterproof your gear and pack efficiently for a
Boundary Waters canoe trip. Probe the pro’s and con’s of various packs
and wanigans (dry boxes) and learn how each is best utilized on a
canoe trip. Adventurous participants may try double-packing a heavy
load with a tumpline. We’ll check out packs, procedures, portage
yokes, canoe tumplines and canoe lift-and-carry procedures.


Dead Fish Polo

Join on the beach for a rousing game of dead fish polo.  Dead Fish Polo is a game where competitors try to  throw a wet sponge (the fish) into each others canoes using their paddles.


Panel of Experts

Take part in a moderated discussion with our panel of experts.  Featuring Cliff Jacobson, Rob Kesselring, Erik Simula, and Natalie Warren.


Tarpology 101 - Dan Cooke

Does your rain-fly flap in the wind? Have you ever wanted to leave the tent behind and sleep in a tarp shelter?

Dan Cooke, of Cooke Custom Sewing, will show a variety of ways you can utilize a tarp to better enjoy your wilderness adventure.

He'll demonstrate various rigging methods, suggest some creative ideas to common challenges and show the best knots for setting up a storm-proof shelter.




CANOEING THE BOUNDARY WATERS —Tips from 1,000 trips - Rob Kesselring
Canoe camping tips and secrets gleaned from decades of wilderness canoeing adventures. Kesselring will pack in as much useful stuff and instructive stories and pictures as time allows. An entertaining, information-packed session from one of the most experienced canoe guides in North America.



Cliff Jacobson will start our bonfire and lead an informal discussion about canoeing, camping and the outdoors.


Show starts at 10am



Freestyle Canoe Demonstration - Sue Plankis and Dan Cooke
Freestyle canoeing is the “art and science” of quietwater paddling. It emphasizes smooth, efficient flat water paddling and precision boat control. Freestyle can be applied to many canoeing situations. Join Dan Cooke and 
Sue Plankis who will explain and demonstrate on-water techniques.


Hudson Bay Bound – Natalie Warren

In this presentation, Natalie accounts her canoe expedition from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay, reflecting on the value of outdoor experiences and the importance of being the first two women to complete the route. She weaves together environmental storytelling with adventures of battling unruly weather, picking up a stray dog, and seeing a polar bear in the wild. Natalie starts this presentation with a song and ends with a poem! 


Bannock — the bread of the backcountry - Rob Kesselring

A hands-on outside demonstration of how to make bannock in the bush. Rob learned how to make bannock when he lived with the Dene first nation people of the far north. Participants will learn how to make it and will taste it. Learn why bannock is the difference between visiting the bush and living in the bush. Cliff Jacobson claims Rob’s bannock is simply the best.



Supported by the latest research, here’s the low down on protecting yourself and your food from bothersome bears.  You’ll learn that the recommended method of “storing food in trees” doesn’t always work.  Be aware that there are significant behavioral differences between wild bears, man-wise bears and habituated bears.  Know how to properly use pepper spray to discourage a bear.  
What should you do if you meet a bear along the trail?  Black bears, polar bears and grizzlies require different strategies.  Here’s practical information you can use in the BWCA and beyond.  If you’ve read Cliff’s views on bears in his books, you know he challenges accepted beliefs.  Now, new research by Stephen Herrero and James Gary Shelton suggest he’s right on track!
Participants receive a copy of Cliff’s “Bear Rules”.