Saturday June 8th

Show Opens at 9:00am


Birding in the Boundary Waters – presented by Sue Plankis

For five years Sue has led extraordinary canoe camping birding seminars in the Boundary Waters. This will be an early morning walking field trip in search of the many breeding species of birds native to the Boundary Waters. Her keen ear, uncanny spotting ability and knowledge of bird habitats will lift a curtain for participants to the bird world of the Boundary Waters. If possible, participants should bring binoculars. limited to 12 adults.


Moss Lake Trail Project with Northwoods Volunteer Connection (Off Site)

Join Northwoods Volunteer Connection on their Moss Lake Trail project to learn about the work that they do in and adjacent to the BWCA. Stop in and say hi or even lend a hand. Directions and more information will be available at the NVC booth.


Canoe Camping Basics-Mike Bartz:



The Land of Sand - by Bear Paulsen

Saskatchewan boasts the most northerly sand dunes in the world. Bear circled Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park on a 27 day solo canoe trip. He descended the MacFarlane River’s remote and challenging whitewater, paddled Lake Athabasca and then ascended the William River. Hear tales of rough portages, forest fires, and whitewater – downstream and upstream!


When Mishaps Happen: Wilderness First Aid Tips & Techniques – presented by Paul and Kelly Dahl

What happens when your long anticipated wilderness trip goes wrong with an injury or illness? In this presentation, we will explore some of the common mishaps that occur out on the trail and how to approach such issues in the wilderness setting. Simple tips that can either help prevent or decrease the chance of making a medical issue worse will be covered. We will also discuss wilderness first aid kit items and demonstrate essential first aid techniques.


Camping's Top Secrets - Cliff Jacobson

This whirlwind seminar focuses on camping tricks that only the experts know—practical things you won’t find in ordinary camping books or videos. Learn how to inexpensively waterproof your sleeping bag; sleep comfortably on a bad site; make a one match fire in the rain*; painlessly remove an embedded fish-hook; stay dry in rain while wearing ultra-light rain clothes; purify silty water; waterproof and pack your gear so it will stay dry in rain or a capsize and more! Based on Cliff’s book, Camping’s Top Secrets, 25th Anniversary Edition.


Dead Fish Polo

Join on the beach for a rousing game of dead fish polo.  Dead Fish Polo is a game where competitors try to  throw a wet sponge (the fish) into each others canoes using their paddles.


Panel of Experts

Take part in a moderated discussion with our panel of experts.  Featuring Cliff Jacobson, Rob Kesselring, Rob Haslam, Dan Cooke, and Dan Disch.


Tarpology 101 - Dan Cooke

Does your rain-fly flap in the wind? Have you ever wanted to leave the tent behind and sleep in a tarp shelter?

Dan Cooke, of Cooke Custom Sewing, will show a variety of ways you can utilize a tarp to better enjoy your wilderness adventure.

He'll demonstrate various rigging methods, suggest some creative ideas to common challenges and show the best knots for setting up a storm-proof shelter.


A Day in the Life of a Wilderness Ranger- Dan Disch USFS Ranger


Canoe Camping in the Boundary Waters - skills routes and tips - by Rob Kesselring



Cliff Jacobson will start our bonfire and lead an informal discussion about canoeing, camping and the outdoors.


Show starts at 10am



Paddling Demonstration - Sue Plankis

Sue will perform an on-the-water demonstration of freestyle canoeing. Canadian Style and American Freestyle canoeing are forms of paddling that, through a variety of paddle strokes, create astonishing canoe dances on the water.


Wildlife Photography – Nace Hagemann



Bannock — the bread of the backcountry - Rob Kesselring

A hands-on outside demonstration of how to make bannock in the bush. Rob learned how to make bannock when he lived with the Dene first nation people of the far north. Participants will learn how to make it and will taste it. Learn why bannock is the difference between visiting the bush and living in the bush. Cliff Jacobson claims Rob’s bannock is simply the best.


Bug-Proofing Your Camp - Cliff Jacobson

If you want to get eaten alive by bugs, go to the Canadian Arctic in June. The black flies and mosquitoes which live there weigh more than ten times as much as all the plants and animals put together! An acre of swarming bugs could drain all your blood in about three days! We’ll check out “your enemies”— and learn how to resist them with repellents, insecticides, head and body nets, specialized clothing and “attitude”. Recommendations for children and pets, included. There are some tricks. Believe it!