Chik-Wauk Museum & Nature Center

Journey 55 miles up the Gunflint Trail to the Chik-Wauk Museum & Nature Center, a first-class museum housed in the historic Chik-Wauk Lodge. Learn the natural and cultural history of the rugged, remote area of the Gunflint Trail. Visit the activity-oriented Nature Center. Come join the Gunflint Trail Explorers Club. Discover some of the local plants and animals and enjoy a network of hiking trails. Open Memorial Weekend to mid-October.

EarthEd Foundation

EarthEd seeks to provide youth a meaningful opportunity to engage nature through both organized, structured activities as well as unstructured outdoor play. They also build and sell hand made wanigans to support their work. A wanigan is a traditional canoeing pack used since the time of the fur trading voyageurs. Its roots are likely from Native American culture in the New England area. Today these boxes have been modernized somewhat and are surprisingly comfortable to carry, even when loaded.

All of the work to make the wanigans is done in Minneapolis. The materials come from the places people make materials. The cutting, the gluing, the finishing, the sewing; that was all done by hand in their little shop or garage. They care very much about each wanigan they make and would love to have you share it’s stories and adventures with them at

Glørud Design

Glørud Design is building quality, artisan, handmade paddles and fine woodwork in Duluth, Minnesota alongside the world's greatest lake.

Grey Duck

Grey Duck is a Twin Cities based Canoe & SUP company. We believe in the power of connecting with nature, time with family and friends, and exploring often. Grey Duck designs are clean, classic and functional - things that never go out of style.

Portage North (Kondos Outdoors)

Portage North is proud to have taken part of so many andventures, races, and expeditions over the last 40 years. Whether being carried over a portage in the wilderness of the Boundary Waters, or racing across the cold snow of the north, your stories and experiences have become our heritage of crafting the toughest gear right here at the edge of the Boundary Waters– always.

Portage North was born in Ely, MN in 1980 out of a need of the outfitters to have gear that could withstand the rigors of being on trail all season long. With a roll of fabric, some thread, and the determination of crafting the best gear, began the course for the next 40 years . Since then with our own experiences on trail and the constant input from guides and mushers, we have created a line of no-frills, but everything you need gear for mushing across the snowy tundra or venturing into the wilderness.

Les Voyageurs Inc

Les Voyageurs Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Sartell, MN. It is the mission of Les Voyageurs to expand the horizons of young people as it challenges their physical, psychological, and social skills through an intense outdoor experience. The center piece of our program, provides men and women in 10-12th grade with an extensive outdoor leadership opportunity that includes a canoe expedition of 30 days or more into remote regions of Manitoba, Ontario, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. 

Our second year program, Far North, provides longer, more remote opportunities into rivers and routes further north in Canada for participants. This summer’s men and women crews will be holding a raffle drawing to giveaway a NorthStar Northwind 17’ canoe in Starlite with the money going directly toward reducing costs of their trip.

Northstar Canoes

Northstar Canoes has a clear direction. Guided by renowned canoe builder Ted Bell, they're focused on crafting exceptional canoes for experienced paddlers. But even a novice can paddle one – they’re designed to make you a better canoeist. And before too long, you’ll be discoursing about your appreciation of the elliptical cross-section, soft chines and constant flare.

Old Mustache Canoe Paddles

At Old Mustache Canoe Paddles "It's About the Balance". The Balanced swing weight during the recovery phase of your stroke. The Balanced ergonomic connection between your hands and the paddle. The Balance between stiffness and flex. The Balanced water flow over the blade's dihedral shaped power face. The Balance between light weight and strength. The Balance of visually book matched wood grain. The Balance between beauty and function.
Old Mustache Canoe Paddles are handmade, carefully utilizing the best properties of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Sitka Spruce, fiberglass cloth, epoxy, and spar urethane.
Visit the Old Mustache Canoe Paddles booth and discover "The Balance" for yourself.

St.Croix Canoes

St.Croix Canoes builds fine custom made, hand crafted cedar strip canoes. St. Croix Canoes was started on a whim by a couple of old Scout Guys. After their sons were finished with Boy Scouting (Eagles Scouts, as well), several leaders wanted to stay connected. The idea of canoe building was presented and it seemed like a worthy project. Their canoes are beautiful, light and strong, and built with techniques backed up by many miles of BWCA and Quetico paddling.

Stewart River Boatworks

Stewart River Boatworks is a premier builder of wooden boats. We specialize in cedar rib and plank canoes and lapstrake rowing boats made from solid lumber or laminated ply planking over oak frames with traditional copper and bronze fastenings. All boats are hand-crafted by Alex Comb who has been building boats professionally since 1979 in the border lakes area of northeastern Minnesota.

Superior Hammock

Introducing the Superior Hammock. The coziest, simplest, quickest, ultralight sleeping haven ever created. Weighing just 2 pounds, this unique hammock with integrated down insulation will keep you warm and comfortable all night. Using only the most cutting-edge new fabrics, the Superior Hammock is 10.25 feet long and rated for 400 pounds. Boasting a huge comfort range of 30°F to 75°F, the breathable materials and design will keep you at just the right temperature, no matter the weather. Imagine laying your tired body in a soft cozy hammock after a long day of trekking, paddling or biking. It doesn’t get any better than that.